Setup Audit Dept

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Many organizations as they start growing are faced with the challenge of who will do what. The lack of organization structure, roles and responsibilities, and leadership to make decisions will lead to a failure of the business objectives.

Setup Audit Dept

We help the organization at this stage in the following phases:

  • 1. Identify business requirements
  • 2. The structure of the department and reporting lines
    • 2a. Document people, processes, and technology needs
    • 2b. Identify responsibilities that will help meet business requirements
    • 2c. Identify roles that can fulfill those responsibilities
    • 2d. Setup a structured workflow and communication channels that will allow the role to function
  • 3. Create a department charter that will bring all people, process, and technology to work coherently and full till those objectives
  • 4. Develop policies and procedures
  • 5. Develop Budget
  • 6. Liaison with Management and Other Departments


Setup Audit, Compliance, and Cybersecurity Dept

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