Enterprise Risk Management

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A hazard/threat is ‘something with the potential to cause harm’ and risk is ‘the likelihood of that potential harm being realized’. The risk assessments help identify the inherent business risks and provide measures, processes, and controls to reduce the impact of these risks to business operations.

Enterprise Risk Management

Critical, disruptive events can threaten the organization’s survival. Our Enterprise Risk Management and Cyber Risk Management specialists with an average experience of 15 years provide consultative and managed services, as well as interactive labs, to help executives, boards, and decision-makers identify, interpret, and prepare for risks that can impact business as usual.

Our objective is to provide a strategic, balanced, integrated, customized, and agile ERM program. The program considers strategy and performance, considers risks and opportunities, integrates with business and operations strategy, and agile enough to meet the business needs and cultural attributes, and creates value, growth, and sustainability.

Rising demand from unexpected sources. Business model threats from upstarts in new sectors. A shifting geopolitical landscape. Strategic risk has the potential to disrupt business strategy. Forward-thinking organizations use ERM to integrate strategy, business planning, and key decision-making processes to drive better business performance. Any automated program may not be the best fit for an organization.

The driving factors for ERM include increased speed of change, growing market volatility and complexity, increased regulatory requirements, and increased rating agency interest.

The e-InnoSec versatile and experienced team has performed several ERM projects for mid-market clients. The approach is very agile and considers top management input in identifying risk right at the beginning.

  • 1.Discover strategic risks
  • 2.Interpret strategic risks
  • 3.Evaluate the impact
  • 4.Design strategic response to manage risks

We help organizations effectively navigate Strategic, Financial, Operational, Legal/Compliance, IT/Cyber, and Systems Risks to develop the balanced ERM approach and help gain competitive advantage.

Many organizations are demanding value beyond "enterprise risk" listing. They need ERM programs that help them anticipate, adapt, and respond to changes, focusing efforts and resources on risks and opportunities that can impact their strategy and performance.


Enterprise Risk Management Service

  • Maturity Assessment - Analysis of the framework maturity, effectiveness, and completeness checks
  • Advisory - Design and implement program updates or expanding the program or build it from the ground up

Business Continuity Management Service

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