Cloud Security and Regulatory Compliance

A Cloud Security Service
Failing to adhere to new data legislation can lead to fines, legal action, and damage to your company’s reputation. Whether you are moving to cloud or building a cloud, you will need a partner with experience in national and international regulations, the ability to work with legal department, and major cloud providers.

The major cloud compliance challenges faced by the business include:

  • Understanding Shared Responsibility
  • Multi Cloud Environment
  • Advanced Cyber Threats
  • Privacy Issues
  • Cost Management

The cost has been a major issue for small to mid-size organizations.

The e-InnoSec compliance team has worked on several compliance assurance projects involving AWS, Azure, GCP, Salesforce, and private clouds.

The experienced e-InnoSec team can reduce time and cost on compliance assurance project such as APEC Privacy Framework, COPPA, Safe Harbor, Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA), GDPR, FedRAMP, SOC1, SOC2, NIST, etc.

If the organization is exposed to multiple compliance assurances requirements and audits, then using the control rationalization process, our team can implement a tailored program to meet the size and nature of the organization’s business needs and goals.


  • Assurance reviews
  • Compliance Certification
  • Control rationalization
  • Compliance with cloud regulations ‐ APEC Privacy Framework, COPPA, Safe Harbor, Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA), etc.
  • Design and Implement or assess ISO 27001, CSA STAR Certification, NEN 7510, SOC1, SOC2, NIST, etc.
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