Data Security and Privacy

A Cloud Security Service
The risks associated with cloud computing are no different from those applicable to the IT environment within the organization. The difference may originate from the cloud service model, technologies, operations model, and users; in short the people, process, and technology used in cloud deployment decide the security requirements.

Cloud Data Security and Privacy

The characteristics of cloud computing lead to enormous opportunities as well as risks. The key concerns are related to loss of control, security, integrity, privacy, and availability.

The discussion of broad areas of risks in cloud computing is summarized/divided into ten categories:

  • Authentication
  • Privileged user access
  • Data security and privacy
  • Interfacing with internal systems
  • system availability
  • Business continuity
  • Control environment
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Long term viability
  • Ownership of content
  • Other legal requirements

e-InnoSec has worked on several cloud security projects, and our services are focused on adding values in the ten categories listed above:


  • Cloud Security and Maturity Assessment
  • Cloud Risk Assessment
  • Cloud Data Security and Encryption
  • Cloud Privacy Assessment
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