Optimize Policy and Processes

Develop/Deploy | Compliance & Assessment Service
e-InnoSec offers Policy, Procedures, and Standards Development and Deployment for Startups. We customize ready policy templates for rapid development and deployment for startups.

Assess and Optimize Policies and Procedures

The security policy must reflect your company’s environment, culture, and specific security needs. The technology policies outline accepted and ethical practices consistent with the corporate mission, vision, and values.

In an organization, the policy is a document that states how an organization plans to protect its physical and information technology (IT) assets. Information technology cybersecurity policies form the foundation of the security program. A technology security policy is often considered to be a “living document”; continuously updated as technology and environment changes. Our team has helped hundreds of organizations in rapid policy, procedure, and standards development.


  • Policy, Procedures, and Standards Development
  • Policy deployment review
  • Rapid policy and procedure development for startups
  • Policy and procedure assessment
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